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The living Christmas tree

     The living Christmas tree from Corliss Brothers gives you the chance to bring a live tree into your home to decorate and enjoy. After the holiday you can plant in your landscape to enjoy year round. We offer several types of spruces in a few different sizes in both rootballs and containers. Just follow these simple steps...

1. Dig the hole before the ground freezes and save the loose dirt in a shed or garage etc.

2. Cover the hole with straw to insulate from freezing and maybe a piece of plywood for safety.

3. Buy your tree and bring it home or have us deliver it. We sell large plastic saucers to put underneath and protect the floor.

4. Plan on having the tree indoors no more than seven days so that it doesn't break dormancy. Its best to have the tree adjust a couple days on a cool porch or unheated garage before and after putting on display. Avoid rooms with direct heat sources or close the vents in the room.

5. Plant following our regular planting instructions with the loose soil you saved earlier and water in with cold tap water. Mulch the rootzone with a good layer of bark mulch. In the unusual event that there is an extended period with no precipitation it may be necessary to bring it some buckets of water throughout winter.






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