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Welcome to the 2015 gardening season. Please click on our catalog to view this year's catalog. Keep in mind we will have many unusual items not listed in the catalog and available in limited numbers. If you wish to receive a paper catalog please email, call, or stop by today!

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9:00AM-4:00PM Monday through Saturday
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When the snow melts, we will discover how too much snow was devastating to weeping trees.  Here is a YouTube video put up by Merrifield Garden Center on what you can try!  The damage is done when the deep snow compacts and pulls the limbs apart from the tree. At this time it is probably too late for tree pastes so the only
option is the method demonstarted in this video:

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Weeping Willows for sale.

Click the image

The best way to buy a willow is to get one directly from the grower and plant right away. They dislike being above ground for lengthy periods so we no longer stock them here. After purchase the tree will be harvested and shipped to us for immediate planting.





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